A Short Message Service (SMS) lets you send short text messages (each message limited to 160 characters) to any mobile phone or SMS-capable device, nationally and internationally.
This service is ideal for those times when you’re too busy to talk or want to conserve your airtime, but still need to communicate with friends and family.​

Get Started
SMS is available to all SMART users, and all SMART SIM cards are pre-programmed so that you can start using SMS immediately.

Sending an SMS

  • Select 'Messages' on your mobile phone.
  • Select 'New message'.
  • Type out your SMS.
  • Select the recipient from your mobile phone's 'Contacts' list or type in the recipient's number.
  • Press 'Send'

You can also send messages directly to your contacts through Web2SMS.

Receiving an SMS
When you receive an SMS, your phone will alert you with an onscreen message and display an envelope icon.
Simply follow the onscreen instructions to read your message.

Cost: On net Local SMS is 75/- & Off net local & International is 100/-

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