What is Smart Pesa?

Smart Pesa is a Mobile Financial Service from Smart Telecom that allows customers to use a mobile phone as an electronic wallet.

How to access Smart Pesa

Dial *185# to access the smart pesa menu

How do I activate my Smart Pesa?

Step 1: Visit a Smart Pesa Agent or Smart Shop and fully register your number with the Smart Pesa compliant KYC Documents

Step 2: Upon Registration, customer will receive a system generated first time pin SMS

Step 3: Note the PIN received in this message. Upon dialing *185#, customer will be prompted to change this first time PIN to his preferred PIN (4 digits)

Step 4: customer will select option 1 to activate account and then receive a confirmation message that the PIN has been successfully changed

What can a customer do With Smart Pesa ?

  • Buy Airtime for himself and others
  • Send money to both registered and unregistered customers
  • Receive money on his Smart Pesa wallet from friends and family
  • Deposit physical cash onto he’s Smart Pesa wallet
  • Withdraw cash from he’s Smart Pesa wallet
  • Deposit and withdraw from your bank account
  • Request other registered customers for Smart Pesa
  • Pay for goods and services
  • Make utility payments
  • Buy bundles

Does a customer need to have a minimum balance on he’s Smart Pesa account?

No a customer can have any amount on he’s Smart Pesa account.

Can a customer send money from he’s Smart Pesa wallet to people on other networks?

Yes, a customer can send money to people on any network in the country

Who is a Smart Pesa Agent?

A Smart Pesa Agent interfaces with the Customers and other parties as an entry point to initiating a transaction via the SMART Pesa Transfer service.

What are the requirements of becoming an Agent

  • Certified copy of Certificate of Registration (business names)
  • Certified copy of TIN/ VAT Certificate
  • Trading Licence or its equivalent
  • Certified copy of Lease/Tenancy / Title Document for the company premises
  • Valid copies of Directors’ ID Driver’s Licence, Voter’s Card (phasing out), National ID, or Passport* *(Passport is compulsory for foreigners)